Ben Kling’s High School Lit Valentines


Anatomical Venuses.  Pics by Joanna Ebenstein, read her post over at Morbid Anatomy

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Snow day, Frenchtown, NJ Jan 21 2014.

untitled by Lana Isabella on Flickr.

Pablo Picasso, Two nudes and a cat, 1903

Gorgeous, but things are getting creative on that headboard, huh?

My cat Gulliver, chilling on my printer…

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You had better pursue a willing object; you are worthy to be sought, instead of having to seek in vain. Be not diffident, know your own worth. I protest to you that even I, goddess though I be, and learned in the virtues of plants and spells, should not know how to refuse you. If she scorns you scorn her; meet one who is ready to meet you half way, and thus make a due return to both at once.
by Circe to Glaucus in the myth of Glaucus and Scylla